Put your feet up…

… read a good book!

The weekend is here!

A suspicious, smartass, reading, writing dog is a central character.

Well, I mean, I’m the central character, but I don’t mind sharing the limelight.

THE SECRET VIKING by Martin Myers.
It’s a free gift to you from my author.
Starting right now.
All weekend: Friday, May 17 until Sunday, May 19, 2013.

With a free app download, this Amazon Kindle e-book reads on any digital device but the microwave.

Download the book here, now!

And if you love my adventurous tale, review it!
Amazon enjoys that.

And so will Satch!

See you there,


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Spend nothing (and spend some great time)

I’ve said this before, and I know you will agree: you need a special ebook to read this weekend.

I’d like to suggest you read the nifty novel about me!
It’s a mystery that looks like it’s going to be a whodunit but turns out to be a who is it.
Of course it’s THE SECRET VIKING, by author (my pal), Martin Myers.

The ebook is free, his gift to you. This whole weekend. Starting tomorrow!

Stay tuned, and all shall be revealed.

Thorsten the Rude (your pal!)

Whodunit? you may ask.
———————–Well… duh!

And who is it? 

———————–Hahaha! You may well wonder.

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I’m back!

You guessed it.
The free book day last month was so successful, so well-received, that we’re going to try it again.

If you’ve already read The Secret Viking (a terrific tale of me!), I’m delighted to hear it!
(And thank you for your great reviews on Amazon, too!)

But if you haven’t, here’s your chance. This weekend, from Friday, May 17 to Sunday, May 19, the novel all about me
(that’s right: me!)
will be, once again, available as a free download!

Can’t wait, you say? Well, it’s only a couple of days! Hang in there! Full details coming, soon.

But if you’ve downloaded it, read it and loved it, what to do, whatever to do??
Send your friends a link to this page!
Let them in on the hysterical, historical, mysterious, adventurous tale.
About me.
Thorsten the Rude.
The Secret Viking!

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Read it? Loved it? Review it!

Hello friends of sweeping Viking literary adventure!

Ah, perhaps that sounds a bit pretentious…
I even tried to post it in a Runic font. WordPress didn’t care for that. I shall try again…

Hi all! (That’s better!)

Thanks for reading about me. I hope you’ll follow this journal, too, so I can keep you up to date on my ongoing ramblings and rovings.

I hope you enjoyed the book. If so… why not tell other readers?

Have you told your friends about THE SECRET VIKING yet?
There’s a promotional weekend coming up, so link them to this page!

Did you know? Amazon enjoys feedback from readers. You can add your own review to the growing list of glowing comments on my pranks and wanderings. Right here. I’d love that! (My author would, too!)



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Book day!

Good morning! (Or good afternoon! Or good evening!)

Here it is: the secret is out! THE SECRET VIKING by Martin Myers, that is.
It’s free, a gift to you from the author.
Today only, Saturday, April 27, 2013.

With free app download, this Amazon Kindle e-book reads on any digital device but the microwave.
Download here, now!

If you already own THE SECRET VIKING, wonderful!
Share the fun and email this link right now to a friend (or as many friends as you wish).
Tell them about the free book day.
Remind them that they must download the book TODAY!

Happy reading.

This free e-book will be available on Amazon from approximately
3 a.m. EST, Saturday, April 27 to approximately 3 a.m. EST, Sunday, April 28, 2013.

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