TERRY FALLIS, author, winner of two Stephen Leacock Medals:
“An extraordinary novel that few writers could have written. Myers pulls it off brilliantly.”

MARQ de VILLIERS, author, winner of two Governor General’s Awards, and 18 other awards:
“A book this funny cannot possibly be profound, but this one is. …a deep reflection on the nature of reality and existence; the dizzying wordsmithery not just dazzling for its own sake, but a way into the possibly plausible and the impossibly possible: a very quantum idea.”

PAUL CHUTKOW, author, journalist and foreign correspondent:
“‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’ – and that is an apt description of Martin Myers’ latest gem, The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand.”

PETER GIFFEN, author, editor:
“As in his previous novels, Myers brings his trademark wit to bear. His prose works with a one-two punch – first it provokes and amuses, and then leads to deeper reflection on the human condition.”

JERRY AMERNIC, author, journalist:
“Martin Myers takes satire and humour to new heights with his latest novel The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand. Our place in the universe and what it all means are themes he continues to explore, at the intersection of Socrates and Woody Allen.”

MARTIN WAXMAN, author, digital strategist and consultant:
“The pace is breakneck, the prose is breathtaking, and the premise brilliantly hilarious. Highly recommended!”



“Anytime a book keeps me thinking about it for hours after I have finished, I deem that a success. I would definitely recommend this novel.” Melise Gerber

“Surprisingly different thriller set inside a comatose patient’s mind. Stunningly original but built on the real feelings of all with loved ones in comas. It’s a great read.” Diane Hernandez

“For anyone who loves the English language, this book is a real gem.” Rosemary Standeven

“Witty, smart, funny and entertaining. Love the writing style of this author. The narrative is engaging and filled with humor.” Arlene Arredoondo

“What a premise; a tale told with mesmerizing characters bent on creating havoc. Highly recommended.” Cindy M

“Wow! What a great read! Strongly recommend!“ Janice Lombardo

“An entertaining and fun to read novel. Really interesting and recommended.” Anna Maria G

“Wow! What did I just read? … a gut-punch finish. Humor and wordplay throughout, along with the uniqueness of the tale, warrant the high rating for this very unusual story.” Fran W

“This book is sort of genius.” Elizabeth B

“The facility with the language is the best part of this story For an inventive and original novel, to me it was certainly worth the time. I suspect some of the things I read will come up again in my mind, what more could an author hope for?” Cindy Lauren

“What an unusual book! I was hooked from the start and really liked the central character, Brian, from whose perspective we see the story. I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to anyone who likes something different.” Emma B

“This book delighted me and reminded me of the realistic science fiction approach, mingled with sarcastic wit and humor, of authors like Kurt Vonnegut and Chuck Palahniuk. An enjoyable read that I would recommend to others and a wonderful sense of word play.” J.D. DeHart



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