MMIn my youth, I wrote three novels:




I was a Canadian in grad school in the U.S. when I completed my first book, THE ASSIGNMENT. A New York agent sold the book in two weeks.

For ten years, following my return to Canada, I was in demand for readings, interviews, book tours and writing workshops. My books were taught in Canadian Literature courses. Praise was great. But somehow, work in advertising seemed easier.

A few years ago, I began writing again. THE URBAN LOFT, my first non-fiction effort, was published in 2005. Memoir, history and anecdote, but mostly jocular, it’s a sometimes hilarious tale of a 15-year search for a loft that examines the spaces we live in and how those spaces affect our lives.

I’ve since written a fourth novel, THE SECRET VIKING, now available through Amazon/Kindle Books.

Of course, there’s more ahead! (The Secret Viking…WILL return!)
A graduate of the University of Toronto and the Johns Hopkins University Graduate School, Baltimore, I was for two years a Visiting Associate Professor at the University of Toronto and taught for five years in writing workshops at the University of Toronto and York University.



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