I’m a writer. Of fiction mostly. Five novels so far, a sixth and a sequel about to come out. What kind of fiction? It’s ironic, multi-layered, circular rather than linear, laced with ambiguities and fraught with paradoxes. It has been called metafiction.

All I can say for sure is that my writing is funny, gets rave reviews, attracts hardcore addicts, and scares the hell out of publishers and most editors. But not all, I hope.

In July 2018, I read to a great audience at the Ben McNally Books (Toronto) launch for The NeverMind of Brian Hildebrand.

I was genuinely honoured to be included in the 2019 Leacock Medal for Humour longlist. Check out the impressive reading list (photo: Leacock Medal) :

Sincere thanks to family, friends, and readers for your support!
Special thanks to Crowsnest Books, reviewers, and colleagues: Terry H. Fallis, Marq de Villiers, Paul Chutkow, Peter Giffen, Jerry Amernic, and Martin Waxman, for your enthusiasm.

Here is a 19-minute interview with Michael Enright, on The Sunday Edition (June 04, 2006). We talk about The Urban Loft, The Secret Viking, and everything else!


For serious literary criticism of my work, see the thoughts of Dennis Duffy and Donald Cameron. These are longer reads with many insights. Authors don’t always know what they’ve written.



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