FRIGATEcover Frigate

General Publishing, Don Mills, 1975
Paperback: Paperjacks, General Publishing, Don Mills, 1976.
Second edition, and ebook… coming soon!

One man’s hilarious quest for his lost manhood – this is a mad romp through miracles and missing masculinity.

Gilbert Frigate was in the men’s room of the Rialto Theatre when it happened…

So begin the bizarre adventures of Gilbert Frigate, projectionist, whose misfortune it is to be parted, suddenly and bloodlessly, from a most vital portion of his anatomy. Distressed, Gilbert takes consolation where he can: at least he’ll look better in tights.

In this wildly hilarious and intriguing novel, Martin Myers ranges from mythical to medical, biblical to blasphemous, vaudeville to vituperation, in a romp that includes faith healing, film making and the Second Coming, though not necessarily that that order.


“… a scatter-shot satire… sophisticated in form and philosophy and at the same time broadly vaudevillian in its humour… ” – Toronto Star

“… a pen sharper than any scalpel… richly inventive author driven by the quirkiness of world and time.” Books in Canada

“… audacious… hilarious… brilliant in its puns, parodies of proverbs, witty dialogue and absurd situations.” Canadian Forum

“A literary achievement of great quality.” Hamilton Spectator

“ Clever and original.” Vancouver Sun

“A galloping lampoon on religion, medicine… sprinkled with slapstick humour and a dash of mysticism… Brainy, creative and cool.” Montreal Gazette

“Exciting, preposterous, hilarious and absorbing. The man’s talent is a light in a haunted house.” Windsor Star

“The language is a delight… Myers is both funny and profound… obscure and crystal clear.” Canadian Review

“… an inventive, bawdy and entertaining trip… clean, careful writing and an engaging viewpoint… a fine comic sense and superb use of dialogue… a literary puzzle with many absurd solutions… delightfully absurd possibilities.” Ottawa Citizen

“A funny book, brilliantly written and universal in its theme.” MATRIX

“Immensely enjoyable. A scream, a lovely lull of hysterical fun in a woebegone world of inflation and upheaval.”Scotia Sun

“… humour is reminiscent of THE ASSIGNMENT, a shoulder shrugging in the face of the incomprehensible.” Quill and Quire

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