A terrific week!

Hey reader,

Our post-launch promo week for the 4thedition of THE SECRET VIKING has just come to a “resounding” end and this is an attempt to graciously thank all of you for your support which was considerable. The excitement is over for the moment. But there is more excitement ahead.

Of course, “resounding” is hyperbole but warranted because we learned so much and the learning continues. Among the things we learned: THE SECRET VIKING has the potential to reach and captivate a wide audience.

Readers enjoyed the mystery, the chase, the sleuthing, the language, the humor, the multi-genre tales, the shifting behavior of the protagonist, the locales, the endlessness.

And just wait till the sequel.

In any case, thank you for your support, for your thoughts and your good sense. Tell your friends.

Again, many thanks from

Thorsten the Rood and Martin Myers

And by the way: how do you like that second video on my home-page?

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