I blog, therefore I am.

I blog. 
Therefore, I am treating blog as a verb. Is blog a verb?

I am trying to sort this out because I’m about to write a blog, maybe this one, hoping you will subscribe to it.

But if I write a blog, write is a verb and blog is a noun. The question I’m faced with is, should I be writing a blog as a noun or a verb? I have nothing against nouns but I must admit that when I think about it I really like the sound of “I blog.” It has a sort of disruptive, attention getting quality. I’m not by nature disruptive but I would like attention for my novels. Hence, I blog.

When you meet people socially, inevitably it gets around to, “What do you do?” If you say, “I write novels,” they look at you in a vaguely quizzical manner and say something like, ”I always wanted to write a novel but was too busy being a captain of industry or a first responder saving lives or a philanthropist doing good works in the community.”

But if, when asked, you answer, “I blog,” you don’t get any of that wholesome good citizen stuff. They just say, “Nice,” and back off. They never ask you why you blog because they don’t feel it’s of any consequence. And who knows, maybe it isn’t.

I blog here to interact and engage with online readers who will be sufficiently amused or bemused by my notions of why I blog (and other literary topics we may consider) that they will become interested not only in my current and future writing but also in my early out of print novels, which I hope to reissue soon to share with friends and readers. I’ll be announcing that in my blog. That’s a noun.

I hope you’ll join me in this conversation, subscribe to the blog, and my newsletter, too.

2 Replies to “I blog, therefore I am.”

  1. myersandmyers Post author

    Thanks, Sharon! You guys are my favourite chucklers (noun). Never stop! Thank you so much. Love to see you sometime.

  2. Sharon MacIntyre

    Well, you got me having a really good chuckle (noun) before breakfast. I always chuckle (verb) though reading whatever you write. Hugs from the both of us, wish you well.

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