A post is not always a post.

Whoever first said, “A post is a post” didn’t know what he/she/they was/were talking about.

I think I’ve included all the requisite pronouns except for “we” and “it” because, you know, time and space are limited. And the fact is, a post is not always a post. Sometimes, a post is an enticement, an invitation, an inducement.

So if you’re experiencing any of the foregoing and if I’ve missed you, pronoun-wise, let me know your pronoun and I’ll include you in my next blog post. And trust me, there will be a next post because once you start this blog thing, there’s no stopping.

See? I’m not stopping. I can’t, ‘til I share my news. And the news is that my novel, THE SECRET VIKING is making a much-anticipated comeback in an updated, reformatted 4th Edition Kindle e-book, along with a brand new, exciting paperback; both, with a dynamite new cover design by internationally renowned Xavier Comas.

If you’ve already read the Kindle first edition ebook, a free update awaits you under Content & Devices on the Amazon site. If you haven’t read the book yet, you’d better get on it right away. Visit THE SECRET VIKING page and get the ebook for a pittance! There’s a book launch Pittance Price Promotion for the ebook running from January 15 – 21.

Love to hear from you. Let’s talk soon. Or maybe even sooner.

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