Thanks, readers!

Ⓓear Ⓦeekend Ⓡeading Ⓒompanions,

Thank you all for making this weekend so busy and satisfying.
My author offered the book for free before, but now we’re reaching more readers, world-wide.
We’re both delighted to share my rambling, writing, riddling story with everyone.

Do you have friends in Italy, France, Spain or Brazil who’d enjoy a nifty literary mystery?
Any family in the US, Canada, UK or Japan who have not read about me yet?
This is their chance!

Share this link with them, so they can grab the free ebook download this weekend.
The Secret Viking will be available, for FREE, until 3:00 am (North American) Eastern Standard Time,
the dark and early morn of Monday, 20 May, 2013.

And, dear readers, if you enjoyed the book, we’d be honoured if you’d post a review on Amazon.

Have I mentioned it lately?
You’re wonderful!


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Oh, that Mildred!

(I agree. She does go on!)

Dear Mildred:

Recently, my husband started barking at me to signal that he would like his dinner.
I thought this was charming at first, but it has become embarrassing.
Can you help?

Yours truly,


⟡   ⟡   ⟡   ⟡   ⟡

Dear Embarrassed:

Often, the barking can be relieved with a tincture of green tea and clover honey.
If that doesn’t help, you might consider taking your husband to a veterinarian.
Sometimes, just suggesting this cures the barking.



– – – – – – –⟡   ⟡   ⟡   ⟡   ⟡

Want to read more about Mildred? And maybe more about a Viking, a dog, a professor, Bob Dylan, rocky road ice cream, thunder and lightning, Cleveland (just outside Cleveland, actually), and a few hundred other exploits, odd ducks, artefacts and warrior poet adventures?

Forsooth, hasten thee here, and download a copy of ye olde ebook (post haste!).
That means: free download of the Amazon Kindle ebook, THIS WEEKEND!


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Spend nothing (and spend some great time)

I’ve said this before, and I know you will agree: you need a special ebook to read this weekend.

I’d like to suggest you read the nifty novel about me!
It’s a mystery that looks like it’s going to be a whodunit but turns out to be a who is it.
Of course it’s THE SECRET VIKING, by author (my pal), Martin Myers.

The ebook is free, his gift to you. This whole weekend. Starting tomorrow!

Stay tuned, and all shall be revealed.

Thorsten the Rude (your pal!)

Whodunit? you may ask.
———————–Well… duh!

And who is it? 

———————–Hahaha! You may well wonder.

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Got a friend? Tell a friend!

t includes assorted aphorisms, rancid rants, vile verse, short stories, children’s tales, playlets, screenplaylets, Old Norse 101 AND a writing seminar.
It’s THE SECRET VIKING by Martin Myers.

Yes, you’ve heard of it!
But your friends may not have. (You really should tell them!)

Please feel free to share or like this here, on facebook, on twitter, on Pinterest,,, anywhere, really!

Or forward to friends.
More details tomorrow, but… even if you’ve already read and loved it…

It’s free, as gift to you from the author. (My author – what a guy!)

Tomorrow, Saturday April 27. One day only!
(So tell a friend and they can enjoy it too!)

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